Agile Market Research

Driving smarter brand strategy through nimble research & analytics

As brand builders we weren’t satisfied with run-of-the-mill market research options, so we created FK LiveLabsTM – interactive research solutions designed to be more engaging, truth revealing, smarter and faster.

FK LiveLabs. Agile market research, building better brands.

Agile research

We help our clients engage with consumers, professionals, influencers, experts and key opinion leaders (KOL’s) to uncover forward-thinking insights and data that propel growth.

FK’s Agile Research is designed for market strategists, consumer empathizers and brand creators who don’t settle for the “what”. They’re pushing to discover the “why” behind what people believe and do – so they can give people what they want and need.
Our research is thoughtfully designed, expertly conducted and managed to exacting standards — all in service of delivering excellence from start to finish.
We handle complete oversight of research design and consumer research workflow
High engagement, collaborative, solution-driven discussions and research are led via mobile, tablet or desktop by experienced brand strategists trained in interpreting consumer mindsets
Our research is nimble. With experience across methodologies, we design studies tailored for your business needs.
We adhere to established privacy and reporting protocols.