What We Do

Driving smarter, faster, better brand solutions through rapid, iterative research & analytics

Rapid Innovation

Brand innovation without strategy can lead your brand astray. We created a toolbox of agile qualitative and quantitative research methods that we leverage in an agile framework to infuse every step of the innovation stage gate process with input on consumer needs, wants and desires. By integrating robust, real-time data into the innovation process, our team of world-class experts creates an exciting innovation roadmap that propels brand growth – 1, 5, 10 years from today.

Brand Strategy

We make the complex simple. We start by immersing in consumer insight truths, growth drivers, category dynamics, market structures and trends — to create a synthesized strategy that disrupts the marketplace and that transforms your brand. Our team also closely studies the quantitative relationship between consumer decision making processes, engagement & loyalty behaviors, and brand momentum. We frame up this complexity of inputs into intuitive brand strategy that can be lived, breathed, and actioned by anyone who touches your brand.

Customer Journey and Experience

We take a relentlessly consumer-centric approach to customer journey mapping. Our experts analyze every brand touchpoint within the brand ecosystem through the lens of distinct consumer mindsets and create solutions for optimizing the full customer experience. We test our solutions with agile concept screening and high-quality samples of your brand’s target audience using a proven framework, so you can have the confidence that your brand is building close, lasting relationships with consumers.

Consumer Strategy

A customer strategy should be deliberate and data-driven. We uncover psychographic mindsets that go beyond the core category attitudes to insightful aspirations, desires, behaviors and beliefs that underlie interactions with your category. We uncover those mindsets using iterative qualitative and quantitative research, including mobile ethnography, virtual focus groups, attitude and usage studies (A & U), and occasion-based/attitudinal segmentation. The result is a forward-looking customer strategy that speaks the language of your target audience.