Our Approach

Online research to maximize ROI: return on insight

FK’s Agile Research is designed for market strategists, consumer empathizers and brand creators who don’t settle for the “what”. They’re pushing to discover the “why” behind what people believe and do – so they can give people what they want and need.

Strategic Recruiting

Strategic Recruiting

We find the most strategically valuable target — prime prospects, media targets, attitudinal targets and behavioral targets

  • High quality, high integrity recruit — never any shortcuts
  • Screening for intuitive, forward-looking, expressive consumers, professionals, experts and influencers
  • Robust double-check QC process both at screening and data collection
  • Adaptive visual and verbal typing tools help to find targets with low rates of incidence
UX-Centric Design

UX-Centric Design

Our interactive, custom-designed consumer research stimulus is highly emotive and engaging to prompt build-oriented design thinking, discovery and collaboration. Intuitive interfaces invite truthful responses and insights.

  • New product concepts
  • Brand stories
  • Brand messaging
  • Website content
  • Social media content
  • Shelf-ready packaging concepts
  • Mood boards
  • Semiotics boards
  • Adcepts
  • Digicepts
Iterative Learning

Rapid Iterative Learning

We use fast, flexible platforms and in-context research to understand and optimize touchpoints throughout the customer experience.
  • Consumer co-creation
  • Online insight communities
  • Agile quant
  • Qual/quant hybrid
  • Rapid and interactive testing
  • Diary study user research
  • Journey mapping
  • Search & social insights
Inspired Solutions

Inspired Solutions

We focus on how the data will inform brand teams and drive strategy. We provide interpretation of the output and data that’s in context and meaningful for the brand — not just a readout of numbers.

  • Brand strategy context and framing
  • Strategic consumer pathways
  • Growth opportunity platforms
  • Innovation roadmaps
  • Brand positioning and restage
  • Breakthrough brand experiences
  • New brand creation
  • Brand architecture & portfolio strategy
  • Ecosystem optimization
  • Strategic segmentation — both attitudinal and occasion-based
  • Guidelines for consistent, personalized CX