Patient Journey Landscape: Elevating Rx brand intercept strategy

In developing a Brand Intercept Strategy many pharma brands jump straight into patient journey mapping with pre-conceived ideas of who the priority patient segments are, and touchpoints where they can be reached. This leap can mean Rx marketing teams fail to gain perspective on the full range of choices related to high-impact intercept opportunities.

A proven, better approach is to define the Patient Journey Landscape – a strategic framework designed to reveal the full choice-set of high-potential intercept opportunities. The analysis works by further defining patient segment types or profiles through the lens of relevant journey touchpoints and messaging. By making strategic intercept choices more transparent and quantifying the potential impact, marketing teams are able to fully optimize patient & HCP impact in their overall Rx Brand Intercept Strategy.

Patient Journey Landscape and Intercept Strategy

Through this agile research process, FK Livelabs is able to bring big picture strategy to the complexity of journey mapping for real patient impact. We start by connecting qualitatively with both patients and HCPs to develop empathetic understanding of unmet needs, pain points and leverage points. Building from this understanding, we frame out a comprehensive Patient Journey Landscape for the condition – a matrix of reachable Patient Segment Profiles who are receptive to intercept messaging at specific journey stages. Through a rigorous, yet rapid quantitative analysis, the framework reveals high potential intercept opportunities.

We quantitatively describe the potential intercept opportunities through three synergistic factors: 1) WHO is on the journey; 2) WHERE they are on the journey; and 3) WHAT types of branded and unbranded messaging and claims they respond to. 

What’s distinctive about our approach is that we’re not just developing a journey map — we’re developing a comprehensive Rx Brand Intercept Strategy resulting in three powerful advantages: 1) deeper insight and understanding of the patient segment profiles that translate to intercept opportunities; 2) prioritizing which messaging strategies merit further development and fine-tuning; and 3) giving brand and agency an accelerated jump on developing high impact messaging and communication.

Maximizing Impact Through Brand Intercept

We recently applied this groundbreaking Patient Journey Landscape Model to reveal optimal intercept opportunity for an Rx brand in respiratory disease management offering a unique delivery system. A disciplined qualitative and quantitative analysis of patient segment emotive needs, leverage points and pain points – interconnected with specific behavioral profiles and messaging / claims receptiveness — revealed a clear new choice-set of intercept opportunities across the landscape. This process successfully transformed outreach through messaging and claims to a broader population of patients beyond the expected priority target segment.

The Patient Journey Landscape presents a clear view of high potential patient segment profiles and their receptiveness to key messaging and claims. By defining the WHO, WHERE, and WHAT for each intercept opportunity, it empowers brands with the critical HOW for addressing key leverage points — getting the very most impact from their brand intercept strategy.

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