Introducing a new suite of adaptive concept testing and optimization solutions from FK LiveLabs

FK Live LabsTM is excited to announce the launch of a new suite of concept testing & optimization research tools designed for dynamic, adaptive brand-building, not just a “yes” or “no” brand evaluation.

Designed to work together or individually, these quant tools can be applied to any category or industry, including CPG, H&W, retail, durables, luxury and tech & services for brand-building excellence:

  • Idea screening: Dynamically build and narrow down to your highest potential ideas with FK Idea Assessor™️
  • Concept evaluation: Get beyond assessing concepts via benchmarks to measuring full equity-building and story-telling potential with FK Concept Evaluator™️
  • Range price optimization: Determine the product range and pricing strategy that maximize growth with FK Range Optimizer™️
  • Brand repositioning: Translate your new brand positioning into winning consumer-facing names, claims and messaging with FK Brand Revitalizer™️



The FK Competitive Advantage

Our adaptive research helps achieve reliable and long-term brand growth and equity building because it was created by brand builders. Fletcher Knight brings deep marketing and wide-ranging industry expertise to both the upfront research design and to the translation of our strong quantitative results into actionable business-building strategies.

We appreciate the importance of communication to both the consumer in testing and to your stakeholders outside of testing: one needs to see and experience your brand’s potential to assess it accurately and reliably. We thus collaborate with FK’s in-house design team to develop creative stimuli and strategic visuals.


Full Spectrum of Insights

Working along the spectrum of concept testing and optimization insights, FK’s products are designed to drive strategic innovation forward from any stage. Our frameworks are nimble and efficient: the tools can be deployed quickly and generate actionable insights in a matter of weeks. Also, our products can be paired to work together or run independently, depending on where you are in the innovation process and your team’s needs and goals to achieve a successful launch.



Upcoming Blog Series

Over the next few months, we will be publishing deep-dive articles on our concept testing and optimization products, complete with case studies and details on how they are integrated into brand strategy and innovation work. To learn more or to subscribe to this blog series, please contact with the subject line, “Sign me up!”


Additional Agile Quant Offerings

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About FK LiveLabs

FK LiveLabs develops agile research tools designed to quickly and scientifically enhance and scale up consumer insight with real-time feedback and new-found efficiency. These tools provide a fast and cost-effective methodology for removing the guesswork from brand strategy, innovation, and positioning creation.