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Transforming HCP Market Research With Cutting Edge Clinical Pathway Tools

FK Livelabs – Agile Market Research is proud to announce a collaboration with DemDx – the leading patient AI-enabled clinical pathways app for HCPs.  Application of this cutting edge tool will enable pharma, medical device, and health & wellness brands to improve the quality of strategic HCP market research. By fully integrating the DemDx world class AI-enabled clinical pathways app into qualitative and quantitative HCP research, FK Livelabs can now design and facilitate research to deliver more insightful, interactive collaboration with health care providers.  Proven results include better interpretation of pathways, differentials and potential outcomes, uncovering pain points and leverage points, as well as in-depth interpretation of messaging and claims impact.

FK Livelabs – transforming agile qualitative and quantitative HCP market research.

DemDx – world class AI-enabled clinical protocols.

Proven Cases: FK Livelabs Agile Market Research is now using the latest clinical pathway app from DemDx to improve our strategic HCP market research and interactive collaboration with HCPs. This new research methodology leads to improvements in brand positioning and intercept messaging for pharma, medical device and health and wellness brands across the patient journey: consultation, diagnosis, and condition management.

About DemDx:
DemDx is the latest in AI-enabled clinical reasoning platforms designed to support patient assessment and treatment. By helping to solve critical resource shortages, DemDx empowers healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses and AHPs (paramedics, physician associates, pharmacists, physiotherapists, optometrists) to confidently assess and treat a broader range of patients, taking on more clinical responsibility.

About FK Livelabs:

FK LiveLabsTM provides agile qualitative and quantitative market research solutions for the world’s leading brands. We help our clients connect with consumers, patients, influencers, professionals, experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to uncover forward-thinking insights and data that propel growth.

FK Livelabs Agile qualitative and quantitative research tools are designed to quickly and scientifically uncover, build on and scale up strategic insight with real-time feedback and new-found efficiency. Fast and flexible, agile research enables brands to quickly iterate and adapt new products, concepts, campaigns and growth initiatives, so they can test, learn and refine — and activate with confidence in market. 

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