Online Consumer Research

Building ROI: Return On Insight
with custom online consumer research.

We help brands get the most out of their big data by enriching that data with Human Truth – using custom online consumer research techniques designed for variety of strategic outputs such as customer experience (CX) insights, consumer journey maps and online concept testing.

Cutting-Edge Recruiting

Using custom cutting-edge consumer recruiting techniques, we find the most strategically valuable target – prime prospects, media targets, attitudinal targets and behavioral targets
Our recruiting approach:
  • High quality, high integrity recruit – never any shortcuts
  • Screening for intuitive, forwarding-looking, expressive consumers, professionals, experts and influencers
  • Custom visual and verbal recruiting techniques to identify respondents with rich consumer psychographics, consumer mindsets or specific behavioral and attitudinal consumer segments

Creative Research Stimulus

We can work with your creative stimulus or develop highly emotive, sensorial consumer research stimulus to prompt build-oriented design thinking, discovery and collaboration
  • Verbal: Understanding beliefs with new product concepts, brand stories, website content, social media content
  • Visual: Exploring emotions with mood boards, adcepts, shelf-ready packaging concepts, prototype websites or video
  • Interactive: Seeing human reality with visual brand asset tools that help respondents draw and map their experience using iconography and semiotic tools

Clear Learning

We use fast, flexible platforms and in-context research to understand and optimize touchpoints throughout the customer experience.
  • Journey Mapping
  • New Product Concept Assessment – heatmap tools
  • New Product Development – rapid build and refine
  • Brand Story & Positioning development
  • Creative Copy and Creative Content Evaluation – real time analytics and choice modeling
  • Mindset Consumer Psychographics – understanding needs, motivations and drivers of choice
  • Digital Ecosystem understanding
  • Conversion Tracking Insights
  • Digital & Social Media assessment

Strategic Solutions

We identify strategic brand growth opportunities and innovation strategy solutions to accelerate growth.
  • Brand strategy context and framing
  • Strategic consumer pathways 
  • Inspired, forward looking growth opportunity platforms 
  • Innovation roadmaps 
  • Breakthrough brand experiences 
  • New brand creation 
  • Guidelines for consistent, personalized CX